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S T R E N G T H C I T Y 

Unlock Your Strength at the Sunshine Coast's Premier Strength and Powerlifting Gym

(soon to be ZeroW)

Discover your true potential, become part of our thriving community, and conquer your performance goals.


StrengthCity Is….

A Sunshine Cost Strength Facility that has created a space for its members to find their strength, join a kick-ass, hard-working community and achieve their performance goals. 

Strongly believing that strength is never a weakness, it is StrengthCity’s mission to build strong bodies regardless of age, injuries or limitations and to show our members what they are really capable of achieving.


Just wanting 24/7 access?
Join BASE for just $25 per week,

  • Are you tired of feeling lost and unsure about your strength training techniques?

  • Have you ever been injured due to incorrect exercise form or technique?

  • Do you struggle to find a balanced and effective strength training program that suits your goals and needs?

  • Is the gym environment making you uncomfortable or unwelcome?

  • Are you seeking accountability and motivation on your strength journey?

  • Do you have aspirations to compete in powerlifting but feel overwhelmed about where to start or how to progress?

  • Are you a competitive person looking for an outlet to express your drive and passion for strength?

  • Have you ever wished you had a spotter while lifting heavy weights?

  • Are you unsure if you're performing exercises correctly or if you're on the right path to becoming a powerlifter?

  • Do you feel that your current gym lacks the specialized equipment and community support needed for powerlifting?

  • Are you searching for a gym that not only understands your desire for strength but also provides tailored programs and expert coaching to help you succeed?

All Members Get 24/7 Access

Get rid of those annoying fobs that break, go faulty or get lost all the time!

Our system allocates every member their own pin code for entry.

"The physical changes I have made are incredible - I've lost 9.2kg and completely changed my body composition at 49 years old. The best part of all? I competed in the IPL Worlds! This wouldn't have been possible without the support, programming and facility Rhys and Chloe provide."

Yolanda Fourie

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Thanks for subscribing!

The gym floor is staffed during the following times:

Monday - Friday

5am - 10am and 5pm - 7pm

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