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Are you looking to step onto the platform for your first powerlifting competition?

Exclusive Opportunity To Lift In Our Novice Powerlifting Competition - Start Your Journey To Becoming The Strongest Version Of You!


Next Competition Date - July 14th

10 Week Coaching Program Begins - May 9th



"I started strength training 2 years ago and I have already competed in the IPL Worlds."



"Still training around great people and being supported. But not hiding behind someone in a group session as the coach does the lap!"



"The program works with my goals, I get to train at a time that suits and i have never felt just another person in a crowd."



"Their focus on strength training the last twelve months has allowed me to reach PBs I never thought I’d reach. 100kg for a deadlift and climbing!"

Who is this for?

Do you want to compete in powerlifting one day, but the jump into sanction meets is too daunting?

Do you enjoy lifting for strength in the gym but have never really tried a powerlifting specific program?

Do you want to learn how to peak your strength and improve your technique in the big 3?

You want to powerlift, but the idea of doing it alone is scary and not sure where to start?

Do you want to experience powerlifting style training under experienced elite coaches?

You want to be able to train on competition specific equipment in a purpose built powerlifting facility?

Our Novice Powerlifting Competitions Are Exclusive To Members and Clients of StrengthCity - We Care About Our Community

This is why we have built a 10-week coaching program designed to lead you into your first (or next) powerlifting competition with the confidence and strength you know you're capable of.

We have taken out all of the guess work related to your competition to ensure all you have to focus on is your training leading into competition day!

Included in this 10 week powerlifting coaching program is:

  • Your own powerlifting program designed to build strength you've never thought you were capable of.

  • 10 weeks of individualised in-person coaching with one of StrengthCity's powerlifting coaches - valued at $55 per week / $550 total.

  • An initial 1x 1-on-1 technique session with your coach - valued at $80.

  • Weekly 1x 1-on-1 sessions with your coach - valued at $80 per session / $800 total

  • Access to exclusive education content specific to powerlifting, programming, technique, nutrition and more. 

  • Unlimited 24/7 Access to our Facility located on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Access to all conditioning sessions to compliment your strength program.

  • Access to 2 x InBody Scans - valued at $80

  • Access to a group of likeminded lifters all chasing the same goal, competing on the same day and motivating you to achieve more!

  • Access to the StrengthCiy's Novice Competition on Friday July 14th to test your new found strength!

Limited Spots Available - Sign Up Directly Below!

Want To Speak To a Coach First?

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