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Insights from Our Clients Nutrition Diaries

Today I want to share with you some insights that were gained from asking my clients to keep a four day food diary.

Studies have shown that those that keep a food diary are TWICE as likely to get results than those who do not. I know keeping a food dairy can be time consuming but if you are someone who has been struggling to lose weight or have symptoms and issues you can’t seem to change or shift, then this can be a simple, yet life changing tool.

When I ask a client to write a food journal, I ask for the following –

  • What they ate

  • When they ate it

  • How much they ate

  • How much water they drunk

  • How much movement did they do

  • How many hours sleep did they have

  • How stressed were they

You see, nutrition doesn’t work on its own. Many different factors impact someones nutrition. This is why I always look at nutrition from a holistic lens. You could have the best meal plan in the world but if you suffer from chronic stress, have IBS, lack sleep and barely crack 2000 steps a day then its not just nutrition that needs addressing.

Just think, when you wake from a terrible nights sleep, how do you feel? On top of the world ready to go for a run and eat a salad? I know I don’t. When we feel tired we make choices that take us further from our goals. We don’t necessarily want to eat healthy or go to the gym or meal prep. So it make’s sense to also collect data on sleep quality and quantity as well as all other other lifestyle factors.

So, what insights have I gained from receiving client food journals?

  • Beliefs around being wasteful and therefore not being able to leave the dinner table unless everything is eaten regardless of fullness.

  • The 3pm munchies or consistent snacking on the kids food.

  • A gross underconsumption of protein.

  • A gross overconsumption of carbs and fats.

  • Less than 1L of water a day

  • Emotional eating.

  • Lack of boundaries when it comes to phone usage before bed.

  • Chronic stress and lack of resources to cope.

And just plain old overwhelm and confusion about what to eat!

Unless we stop and reflect on what our day looks like as a whole, we can’t identify, make changes and therefore get the results we desire.

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