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What Rules Do You Place on Yourself?

The reason why you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to achieving your goals is due to the mis-aligned values and rules you place on yourself or your goals.

What if your values and rules for health were too strict? For example-

In order to feel healthy I must:

  • Never eat chocolate / cut out an entire food group

  • Avoid alcohol

  • Workout x6 per week

  • Drink 3L of water per day

  • Get 10k steps a day

  • Meditate every night before bed

See where this is heading...If you eat some chocolate how will you feel? Like you've failed! Because you have these unrealistic rules that you have set for yourself.

This then leads to the F*$k it mentality…

"I've had one bit of chocolate so f*$k it i'll have the block". Sound familiar?

One piece of chocolate = flat tyre then this leads to the f*$k it mentality which is slashing all three remaining tyres.

It doesn't have to be this way. Can anyone say self-sabotage?

Another example - I’ve missed Monday’s session so ill crack off the rest of the week. I can't possibly come to tuesday session, I've missed Monday! Same as diets, they can only start on mondays - who starts diets on a wednesday, that’s just weird right?

What if instead you dropped the rules and had intentions and an action plan and celebrated the small wins. That sounds lovely doesn't it!

What if it looked like this?

  • Choose a better quality chocolate and have two squares every second day? (Yes this still looks like a rule but at least you haven't cut it out completely!)

  • Choose a a gin on sparking with a heap of fruit

  • Workout 4 times a week but be smarter about exercise selection and increase the intensity

  • Aim or have the intention to drink a minimum of 1 litre of water a day and try making it fun by adding fruit etc.

Instead of being focused on all the things you didn't do. Celebrate the small wins and congratulate yourself whenever -

  • You feel energized, strong, or capable

  • You do anything that increases your strength, flexibility, or endurance

  • You do anything that moves you toward a sense of physical well-being or closer to your goals

  • Anytime you eat nutrient dense foods

See how health/fitness/goals can feel more achievable and less overwhelming if we align our values and change or drop the rules?

This way seems much more achievable right? You are setting yourself up for success!

So I ask that you question the rules that you place on yourself and how they could be getting in the way of making progress towards your goal.

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