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StrengthCity's Semi Private Coaching is for you if -

You Want More Personalisation Than What Group Training Can Give

At StrengthCity, you won't get lost in the crowd doing random movements that don't serve you or your goals.

You Need Educated Coaching to Manage Injuries

With over 20 years combined experience and a big focus on technique, movement selection and personalisation, you will feel confident training alongside any injury/limitation.

You Want More Support Than What 24/7 Gyms Can Give

We are a small facility who knows everyone by name and have numerous systems in place to ensure you feel supported.

You Have Specific Strength Related Goals That You Want to Achieve

At StrengthCity, we specialise in strength training. From 13 year old school kids, to a 45 year old mum or three to world champion powerlifters. We bring a highly individualised approach to your strength training.

It's about the details..
Here at SC we have developed various systems that support people in achieving their true strength potential. 

Community and connection are paramount, so we take the time to get to know you, your body and your goals. This ensures a comprehensive and highly individualised experience. 

Our programs are designed to build muscle and strength, promote stability and mobility while taking into consideration your limitations and goals. 




$55 / wk

  • A FREE 1 hour 1:1 PT session including movement analysis

  • Fully Individualised Training Program INCLUDING PEAKING delivered via an app

  • Training Flexibility with 24/7 Access to facility

  • Semi-Private coaching during coached hours that ensures individualised attention

  • Convenient coaching hours with am and pm options

  • Weekly training check ins via app with coach

  • New program updates every 4-6 weeks and in line with progress and goals

  • End of program questions & review

  • Access to full movement library via app

  •  Access to group conditioning sessions (every Wednesday)

  • FREE InBody Body composition scan every 4-6 weeks (valued at $30).

  • FREE initial consultation with our Nutrition Coach (valued at $80)

  • Regular events 

  • Access to the VAULT (education on training, nutrition & mindset)

  • Access to an exclusive facebook group to connect with coaches and other members 

Training + Nutrition

$75 / wk

Everything from training package plus - 

  • Initial Consult

  • Personalised meal plan based on goals, preferences and lifestyle

  • Personalised macros and calories according to goals

  • Personalised timeframe based on goals and phase breakdowns 

  • Weekly Personalised video feedback and nutritional/Lifestyle guidance

  • Personalised mindset and behaviour guidance

  • Daily Habits via app

  • View progress with graphs and data via app

  • Supplement and general health recommendations

  • Access to coach via App for daily communication

  • Access to online learning VAULT


All memberships are debited on a weekly basis.

No lock in contracts - 5 days notice to cancel.

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"Their knowledge and ability to work with me, taking into consideration my injuries, and still build strength without exacerbating them is incredible."
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